Filming from boat on Lake George NY

Filming On the Lake

“On the Lake” is a one hour pilot that recently aired by NBC affiliate News Channel 13. The program will also  be pitched for a national series to The Travel Channel, Discovery and others. “On the Lake” was aired regionally on June 23rd, 2012 just prior to the start of the lake season. Channel 13 coverage area includes 3.3 million people throughout 14 counties of Upstate New York. The program will be heavily advertised prior to a Saturday 7 pm prime time airing.

“On the Lake” features many of the homes, both new and historical , that line the shores of Lake George and their owners as the centerpiece of the program. It also includes several other story lines including “Picture It”, tips on  taking your best photography on the Lake led by world class photographer Carl Heilman, “Boarding Party”, a segment highlighting the boats and people that travel the Lake, “History Discovered”, a focus piece on some of the yesteryear happenings that took place in the area, and “Ghost Stories”, a creepy look at some of the ethereal spirits that roam the night at Lake George and more.

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